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Hi! My Name is Keyta Skelton! I am 26 years young! I am wife and mother to a sweet five-year-old daughter and two crazy dogs. I am a southern belle that loves music, decorating, eating great food, and going on adventures. I am Christian and my faith is the foundation of who I am as wife, mother, and educator. 

 I was born in Mississippi and grew up between Tupelo, MS and Nashville, TN. I attended High School in Murfreesboro, TN before heading off to college in 2008. In December of 2012, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education K-12 from Mississippi State University. I have concentrations in Early Childhood Development, Mathematics, and Social Studies. I have taught in Mississippi for three years and am currently teaching in North Carolina.  I have been teaching first grade since 2013. I absolutely love my first graders. It is such a unique time in a student's academic career. I love framing their perception of school. It’s my hope that I inspire a lifelong passion for learning for them. 

While I am very passionate about teaching primary grades, I also feel strongly about helping other educators. We are in a peculiar era in the education profession. Advancing technology, increasing demands and or workloads for educators, high-stakes testing, and the ever-changing dynamic of American families can make teaching overwhelming for new and seasoned teachers. I feel that as educators it is imperative that we lift each other up, share our successes and failures, and advocate for one another. It is these beliefs that have pushed to start a blog.  Ultimately, I want help student grow and I want to help educators who want to do the same.

It is my hope that my blog is helpful to educators professionally and personally. I plan is to have an educator life-style blog! I want address more than the classroom. I want to look at the educator holistically! This should be interesting! 

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